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Weatherford is a great place to consider buying rental a property! In this video I will show you one of mine and give some tips and tricks when looking at potential rental properties. Feel free to watch the video or read the transcript below.


Hey friends, it’s Jared Benson with Model Realty here. Today I wanted to show you. One of my rental properties here in Weatherford, Texas, and what a good rental property can look like if you’re in the market for one. So this is the Pleasant Valley community. This is just a couple miles West of downtown Weatherford.

So great location. Weatherford is a great city to, to own property and home values have been rising historically the last couple of months have been kind of rough, but let’s come in and take a look at this home. So this is a 2008 four bed. Two bath home. So one of the big things on rental properties is that it’s not just about square footage.

So 1800 square feet is a little bit on the larger end for a good rental property. But the fourth bedroom was what really adds value to this home and makes up for that because, it’s really useful. It can be a fourth bedroom. You know, my tenants had like four kids and so that they needed that extra bedroom.

You could use it for a game room, an office, a media room, playroom, whatever you want, but, a fourth bedroom is great. So, you know, here we’re looking at one of the other front guest bedrooms. We’re going to show you that guest bath. So here’s a little tidbit. When you buy a rental property, whether it’s in Weatherford or Parker County, anywhere, if you can replace the shutoff valves on all of the, like, water faucets, the toilets, the, The sinks, it’s going to save you some headache down the road.

So here’s this back room again, another double, double closet door. You know, I went ahead and put new blinds on this home. I was actually getting ready to sell it. So you’ll see this nice luxury vinyl plank flooring. I really. Recommend definitely replacing any carpets that you have in the living spaces.

So this home actually was built with a granite countertop. So that’s great. I really like this kitchen sink that I put in. You’ve got a little gadget, you know, gadgets and gizmos, cutting boards. They all slide. It’s great. So this home actually was a split bedrooms, which was great. This master’s over here on its own.

Got a big walk in closet. You know, plenty of space there. You’ve got your. Two vanities in the bathroom. You’ve got your separate shower and your, and your tub that will show in a second, but you’ve really got some good space. So guys, Weatherford is awesome. They have a peach festival every summer.

Really it’s it like shuts down all of downtown. It’s great. Hey, we’re going to take a quick look at this backyard. This is, this is a corner lot. You can see the dirt there that I was just pointing out and it, I’m doing some sprinkler repairs. So guys, I highly recommend replacing any living space carpet with something like luxury vinyl plank.

You’re going to spend a little bit more on the front end, but you’re not going to have to replace it. So you go through one or two tenants that you change and you’re going to make your money back on that. So, you know, just want to kind of let you see what this looks like. If you are looking for a rental property, you are wanting to invest in real estate.

Give me a shout again, Jared Benson with model realty. Hey guys, thanks for checking this out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your preferences and financial situation, Fort Worth can be a great place to buy a house, with its affordability, diverse real estate market, robust economy, different neighborhoods, and quality of life.

But, as with any significant financial decision, it’s essential to research, work with a reputable real estate agent, and carefully consider your priorities and financial situation before making a purchase.

There are several factors why houses in Fort Worth are cheap. First could be its location, as Fort Worth is located in the North Texas region, known for its relatively low cost of living compared to other areas.

The city also has relatively lenient zoning laws, which can help keep housing prices low, allowing developers to build a wider variety of housing types, from single-family homes to apartments and townhomes, which can help meet the needs of a diverse population.

However, it’s important to note that the cost of living in Fort Worth has steadily risen in recent years, affecting the prices of homes for sale in the area.

There are several reasons Texas is considered relatively affordable for buying a house compared to many other states.

First, Texas has a relatively low cost of living compared to many other states, which can translate to lower home prices.

Another reason is that Texas has a lot of land for development, which helps keep home prices down. Texas also has a reputation for having fewer government regulations on development and building codes, which can lower the cost of building and ultimately lead to lower home prices.